Environmental Services

Lagoon Desludging

We offer several different municipal and agricultural lagoon cleaning services 

Lagoon Surveys

NewTec has an environmental specialist onboard to perform lagoon surveys which measure sludge volume, location, and material type. We can perform sludge surveys with different tools such as a Sludge Judge, and Sonar Systems. Once the material type & quantities are determined the proper disposal method can be chosen.

Land Application

NewTec Environmental uses the best customized equipment for land application. Land application onto agricultural land is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of removing biosolids. In many instances we can lower project costs by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with local farmers. We currently have both dragline and tanker crews available for hire to land apply sludge. 


De-watering is another option for removing biosolids from lagoons. When the land is not available or the biosolids are not suitable for land application, we can dewater those biosolids and haul them to landfills. We offer different dewatering options including: Dredge, Geotubes, Beltpress, and Centrifuging. 

Fluid Transfer

We also provide fluid transfer services. We have a wide variety of hoses, pumps and other equipment the can be used to transfer fluid for miles. This can be utilized to transfer lagoon water from one location to another during repairs or desludging.