NewTec offers the following quality built products for both liquid slurry and dry manure handling solutions:



Heavy duty frame with 18″ disc spacings, 2 discs per independent swivelling unit

Minimum disturbance design. Krohne flow meter with digital in cab display.

Capable of more than 2,000 US gal/min

5,000-20,000 gal per acre



Soft and hard hose configurations, both available with walking axles

Soft hose reel can handle up to 2 miles of 6″ hose and up to 1-1/8 miles of 8″ hose

Hard hose reel can handle up to 1,600′ of 5-1/2″ I.D. hose



Fully self contained Iveco engines with digital controls, Cornell pumps capable of 2,100 US gal/min.

Dry Manure Spreaders

Our  line of dry manure spreaders built specifically for small to mid sized operations that don’t demand the larger capacities and don’t require the larger HP tractors to operate. Built to be economical yet durable and reliable. At this time we offer 4 different models with capacities ranging from 280 up to 420 cubic feet.


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